Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So many things....

Aloha! As the newest blog author and employee, let me tell you I am so pumped to be a part of Maui Wowi! I am Michelle Tripp, the new marketing and communications manager for Maui Wowi and we have been really busy at the Mainland.
Here is a sample of what is going on:
1. We announced that we are offering a double discount to US military veterans who sign a franchise agreement by Veterans Day, November 11. This program is going to be awesome. We have a chance to help our proud vets become a business owners and realize their own piece of the American Dream!
2. Maui Wowi and Doc Popcorn signed a co-marketing agreement and we are currently working with the pilot program. Our first pilot location went live two weeks ago at Pier 39 in San Francisco and things have been going great.
3. The Mainland moved back to the 10th floor! We used to be here and now we are back where there are memories of times past and memories to be created.
We recently updated our Facebook page. Search for the Mainland under Maui Wowi Coffees and Smoothies, make sure you are a fan of the Mainland. It says so under our logo. We also are active on Twitter as well. Find us @maui_wowi.
We want to hear from you. Do you have a favorite drink? A favorite Maui Wowi moment? How about a great story to share with all of us. We would love it if you let us know.
Drop us a comment, send us an email, follow us on Twitter, be our fan, because when it all comes down to it, there is always enough Aloha to go around! And we love our 'Ohana (family)!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Much More We Appreciate Our Event Franchisees!

Aloha All!
Christa and I did an event this weekend for a baseball tournament.
We had a little snafu in the beginning with having enough product and Annie in Montrose
came to our rescue! She helped us out with 4 cases of product and got them to us just
in time. Mahalo Annie!
Then our power source wouldn't allow us to run 2 blenders at we
chatted up our customers while one blended and visa versa.
Lastly, I apparently parked too close to the fields. You guessed it....a fly ball hit my car!
I have a nice baseball size dent in the side and it will always make my laugh and think
of our great event!
We had a GREAT time and sold out of everything. But most of all, we really
learned what it was like to run an event that ran into some problems and still
come out ahead with big Aloha Spirit! We have such a better understanding of
how hard you all work!
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maui Wowi at the Fair!

Fair food proves to be fun

CANYON COUNTY — The rides of the Canyon County Fair may be the event's most visible spectacle, but the scents and memorable flavors of the one-of-a-kind food are also more than enough to draw a crowd
Todd Bowerman, his wife Deeann and their family enjoy the various culinary creations that manifest themselves on the fairgrounds each year. Friday afternoon was no different as the family estimated they'd spent a decent sum testing the vendors' tasty wares, including funnel cakes, pitas, pizza and strawberry lemonade

"It's why we come to the fair," Todd joked. ""We're glad the fair's back."

Deeann enjoyed her first fair chicken gordita this year, and said her oldest child even asked that the family bring home some leftovers.

And even as staples like cotton candy and elephant ears remain wildly popular, there are some different genres entering the fair food game.

"Saladman" Chris Olson has been selling unique salads and wraps at carnivals and fairs for a decade.
"Everything we have is unique, like the Saigon Salad with hot sweet beef," Olson said. "Ten years ago they thought I was crazy, but the change in American diets has declined the need for sugar and grease at fairs — and we're in a good position."

Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies also tries to offer a healthy option with a range of fruit drinks and blended coffee beverages, ranging from mango orange flavor to Kona mocha chill.
"We do really well, especially with the smoothies when it gets hot like this," proprietor Gary Fazenbaker said.

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Mainland Gives Back!

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A big part of the Hawaiian culture is contributing to your community. That is what Aloha Spirit is all about, right? The Mainland believes in sharing with our community as well. We offer a benefit volunteer day twice a year to our employees in which they get 2 paid days off to volunteer within the community. One of the projects we have been involved in for the last couple of years is donating coffee to St. James Urban Coffee House. This is a shelter for the homeless of Denver. They are a 501c3 organization which means they are not for profit and all of their money is raised via charitable donations and the shelter rely on volunteers to run it. The coffee house's biggest expense is.. believe it or not, coffee. Last year, we donated enough coffee to get them through the entire year and when we got the call this year, we couldn't say no. Everyone is forecasting a very hard winter here in Denver so we wanted to show our friends downtown what Aloha Spirit is...
Here is what John, the Director of the coffee house wrote us after we delivered some coffee..."Dear Maui Wowi,
The Coffee House has been giving away coffee to Denver's homeless and chronically mentally ill for 25 years. We love doing this favor for God. It is sooooo cool that Maui Wowi joins in on our endeavor. Imagine the magnificent paradox. Maui Wowi is the most elegant coffee I've ever experienced. Our clientele are the very least affluent population in this city. The combination of opulence and poverty makes me smile again and again.We are grateful for your participation. May you prosper beyond all your wildest dreams!"

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MWH at The Buick Open

MWH has been accepted to serve its all natural fruit smoothies to the golfers and audience of the PGA Buick Open ! The tournament is July 27-August 2. The attendance is expected to be anywhere from 120,000 to 140,000 people. If Tiger Woods plays, attendance should increase to 200,000. Look for MWH at this great PGA tournament! For you convenience, we have attached the PGA link and don't forget to visit us at!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What a prospect had to say about a Maui Wowi in MA!

WHAT A TRIP. IT WAS WONDERFUL!! We went to Plymouth, met the owners and what a great time...Finally tasted the smoothies and coffee. All I can say is DE-LISH!!!! I had the pina colada and my husband had the strawberry, and of course we shared. What a great couple the owners were! We sat with them on the picnic tables outside of the store, in between customers, talking about the business, him & his family. We stood outside, while they were busy serving customers and out LOUD making comments on how delish these smoothies were and "all natural, healthy" so the people who were starring at the place would come in and try. We thought the "little" building was GREAT! It's beautiful, and the view can't be matched. With 3 of them working, it was still (at times) not enough. Of course it's a busy ocean front property with the "Plymouth Rock" right around the corner which brings tourist and all others there, never mind the restaurants w/seafood etc. Anyway, i could go on & on about our visit but don't want to make this a novel..ahahah. I will say one thing or two..ahaha, they love you, the team and the lady that comes out to train. They said she was unreal and the best and they learned so much from her. I think you should fly out and visit this location and you'll see it's the closest gig to Hawaii you can get; what a great feeling. All we see is sunshine!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Exciting new program for MW franchisees!

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Our franchisees are amazing at promoting the brand. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They scream Aloha and Mahalo and rock the Hawaiian shirt in a way that would make Don Ho jealous!
There is a true Ohana (family) in our system which includes helping each other out through ideas, product and support.
What we at the “Mainland” pondered was; how do we get ALL of our franchisees to share their best practices with ALL of our franchisees in a way that is memorialized and easy to call upon in a moments notice.
The answer was simple, (well it seems simple now, it wasn't in the beginning) we will create a Give Back Program in which the ONLY requirement to participate is the share your great ideas with your Ohana!
This program is easy to use, automated and delivers marketing ideas and best practices right to each and every franchisees emailbox!
11 days and counting before the program rolls out-- we will keep you posted and may even post our best ideas for all to see:)

Fun Event

Christa and I did an event for Michael's childrens school!

It was all for charity and we had a blast.

Nothing like getting your hands dirty and workin'

hard like our franshisees do!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

This 4th of July the Fazenbakers attended the Northwest Motorfest, Idaho’s largest car show. The show's promoter always has a few celebrities on hand from old TV shows/movies. This year the guest’s were Henry Winkler and Don Most, AKA ‘The Fonz’ and ‘Ralph Malph’ from Happy Day’s. Debra, being the gracious and enterprising person she is, decided to take Fonzie one of our smoothies. She found out he liked green, so she made him a Black Lava Beach, in a green tiki. Not long after Ralph had the show's staff escort him to our trailer for a smoothie of his own.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Maui Wowi Store! Tropicana at Virginia Beach!

Vimal Patel, owner of the Tropicana Hotel and Maui Wowi Franchisee opens his first location in the lobby of his Virginia Beach Hotel. The 1000 Square foot location has access from the hotel lobby and Atlantic Ave, the main street for tourist checking out this beach town. Vimal's staff mainly consist of employees who share their time with Chuck Talbott and Diane Corniel, two operators in Virginia Beach who were on hand during set up and that first day to support and help out their Ohana. Click here for full article!
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